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La Hacienda

We are located in the province of Cotopaxi in the parish Mulalillo 90 minutes from the capital of Ecuador (Quito), and 20 minutes from Ambato.

Nagsiche has an exquisite microclimate, where spring air is breathed throughout the year and it has two centuries old houses, carved stone stables, a park of flowers and fruits, a bullring, lagoon and the recreation of a small town interandino.


The Hacienda Nagsiche was initially occupied by Franciscan and Jesuit monks, latter they were expelled from the country in 1852 by the Urbina government. Over the years, some houses were built within the hacienda, each with a different style: Colonial, Republican and contemporary, many of its structures remain as they were.

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15°C to 28°C / 59°F to 83°F

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8°C a 14°C / 46°F a 57°F


2600 meters

Language in Ecuador

Spanish, but we speak english


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120 volts

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