Lose yourself in the adventures of the Ecuadorian mountains

If you want to have adventures, Hacienda Nagsiche is located in the center of several tourist destinations.


It is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world, It has 5,897 m/ 19347 ft. Cotopaxi receives thousands of visitors per year and it is considered one of the main tourist destinations in Ecuador.


It is listed among the 15 most beautiful and appreciated lagoons in the world. Quilotoa has a crater with almost 9 km of diameter. The color of the lagoon is turquoise which makes it more attractive.

Laguna del Yambo

It is also called by the legends as the enchanted lagoon, This lagoon has an incredible scenery ans it is located a few minutes from Hacienda Nagsiche.

Parque Nacional Llanganates

This place has an amazing legend for Hundreds of years. The greatest Atahualpa Inca treasures was hidden in this unique National Park.


Al called “Pedacito de Cielo” This city is a growing tourist destination with beautiful land escapes and historical places to visit.


This city is the capital of the province of Cotopaxi. It is known for being the host of “La Mama Negra.” Latacunga has historical churches, streets and colonial houses.