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Ancestral Nagsiche

The hacienda is located in Mulalillo, home of Princess Pacha and Huayna Capac, parents of the greatest Inca warriors: Huáscar and Atahualpa who, despite being brothers and enemies, never fought a battle in this area when they visited their parents.

It is said that the word Nagsiche is a semantic expression that meant "no more." This was used by the Panzaleos and the Incas, to express that the abundant crops and the lands that they owned were sufficient.

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We are a family hacienda, full of history and colonial architecture. We love to offer to our visitors the opportunity to discover the simple but extraordinary countryside. From the awakening of the birds to the night dance of the owls, tourists will have unique experiences on our property.

Nagsiche is also a livestock and agricultural hacienda, where you will experience everything related to these activities and taste the freshest fruits and vegetables from our garden.

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so we guarantee the exclusive use of the property to our visitors. We work under reservation only.